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Here at Hyveria we have a system named Shortcuts, this system is at Thais, north of the Depot.

Npc Hykor at Thais

How it Works

The shortcuts allow you to travel fast to certain important places, at the cost of soul points, this way, it is not a free ride and the soul points see some uses.
The shortcuts must be unlocked and here you can check how they are unlocked.
The trip is ONE-WAY ONLY and once you use the portal you can't go back.

How to travel

You must speak with the NPC Hykor and he will give you a list with all your unlocked shortcuts and for some soul points he will enable the portal to your side so you can travel to your destination.

All the shortcuts

Name Soul How to unlock
Oberon 20 Kill Grand Master Oberon
Scarlett 15 Kill Scarlett Etzel
Urmahlullu 15 Kill Urmahlullu The Weakened
Leiden 25 Kill Leiden
Brain Head 20 Kill Brain Head
Duke Krule 5 Kill Duke Krule
Lord Azaram 15 Kill Lord Azaram
Sir Baeloc 15 Kill Sir Baeloc and Sir Nictros
Count Vlarkorth 15 Kill Count Vlarkorth
Earl Osam 15 Kill Earl Osam
King Zelos 25 Kill King Zelos
The Unwelcome 15 Kill The Unwelcome
The Dread Maiden 15 Kill The Dread Maiden
The Fear Feaster 15 Kill The Fear Feaster
The Pale Worm 15 Kill The Pale Worm
Unaz The Mean 5 Kill Unaz The Mean
Irgix The Flimsy 5 Kill Irgix The Flimsy
Vok The Freakish 5 Kill Vox The Freakish
Soulwar Hub 20 Kill Goshnar's Malice, Goshnar's Greed, Goshnar's Spite, Goshnar's Cruelty or Goshnar's Hatred
Drume 20 Kill Drume
Monster of the Day
Monster Pedestal

Top 5 Experience

1 - Fatal Knight
   Level: (589)
   Elite Knight
2 - Luxyfera
   Level: (305)
   Master Sorcerer
3 - Jettan
   Level: (170)
   Elite Knight
4 - Unosieteoblo
   Level: (118)
   Master Sorcerer
5 - Maxsior
   Level: (27)
   Royal Paladin