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Guild Collectors

Here at Hyveria we have a system called Guild Collectors which are present in the most relevant hunt places and bosses as well.

Guild Collector at roshamuul

Click here to see All Guild Collectors

How it works

The Guild Collectors can be attacked and under the control of certain guild until another one comes and claims it for itself.
For each monster death in that specific Guild Collector Zone, the guild collector WILL GENERATE A LOOT FOR ITSELF, WITHOUT INTERFERING WITH THE ORIGINAL, based on his LUCK skill (you can calculate it at the end of this page).
Aside from generating it's own loot, it will get some experience WITHOUT INTERFERING WITH THE ORIGINAL, which your guild will be able to collect after some time.
If your guild owns the Guild Collector where you are hunting, you will receive an experience bonus which is explained below.


If the KNOWLEDGE skill gives by result 50%, this means that for each monster death your guild will receive HALF the BASE experience.
For the guild players who hunt there, if they own the guild collector, they will receive the same bonus as a SUMMATIVE BONUS, meaning it will add to the experience of the stage, not multiplying by other bonuses aside from stamina.
The LUCK skill works in a similar way, if you have 50% it will generate loot at the rate of half the SERVER LOOT.
ALL GUILDS START WITH THEIR SKILLS AT LEVEL 1, FOR EACH LEVEL THEY GET, THEY GET 1 SKILL POINT (The guild leader must use the command !guildskills so he can spend them)

Attack and Defense

The Guild Collectors can be attacked by any enemy guiild, which will start a 6 minute timer (if they are connected) and 3 minutes (if nobody is connected), after that, a fight will start which will determine who owns the guild collector.

If your Guild Collector is being attacked you can use the command !guilddefend, for attacking, a portal will appear at the feet of the first attacker, and your allies will have to enter the portal.

When attacking or defending, the players will receive a penalty if they are alone:
Received damage: 100% with 4 players and as high at 300% with 1 player. Healing: 100% with 4 players and as low at 33% with 1 player.
This is for making it less efficient attacking alone, you must attack and defend in groups, else it will be hard.

The guild collector can be healed by his allies at double the rate, use that.

Depending on the attack, the Guild Collector gets protected from 4h to 8h being 4 hours with 1 person attacking him up to 8 hours with 4 persons attacking him.

Benefits and Recollection

Those can be claimed each between 20h, sending all the loot to the inbox of the player who claimed it, the collected money is sent directly to the guild bank and the experience is added to your guild level.

Here you can check a collector who hasn't seen a single kill and one whom has received bonuses from 1000 frazzlemaws (remember that each guild has its own skills)

Guild Collector without kills

Guild Collector after 1000 frazzlemaws

The guilds can claim guild points with the command !guildpoints, this command gives 40 tournament coins base, and for each 20 levels, you get 10 extra tournament coins, these ones can be exchanged in store.


Here you can calculate the efficiency of your guild skills

Skill Value Percent
Knowledge (Experience) Insert a number
Luck (Loot) Insert a number
Calculate Experience by Level
Actual Experience Exp. for next level Exp. total for next level
Insert a number Insert a number Insert a number
Monster of the Day
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Top 5 Experience

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   Level: (589)
   Elite Knight
2 - Luxyfera
   Level: (305)
   Master Sorcerer
3 - Jettan
   Level: (170)
   Elite Knight
4 - Unosieteoblo
   Level: (118)
   Master Sorcerer
5 - Maxsior
   Level: (27)
   Royal Paladin